Jim Pavett



My drumming is based primarily off of rock. This includes: fusion, progressive, hard rock, alternative, pop, country, ballads, funk, and R & B. I play with conviction – even if it is a mellow part, you gotta play it like you mean it! This gives the song the edge it needs.  Otherwise it can be forgettable. Since I am an engineer, I compose my parts to create imaging across the stereo spectrum. This, along with pristine drum tones, adds to the song like ear candy to the listener. The most important part of your recording is the stereo palate created by the drums. It creates the stereo imaging and the mood/driving force of the rhythm section. A recording with great guitar sounds and a mono weak drum sound is usually perceived as a bad recording. A recording with a weak guitar sound and great drums is usually perceived as “they meant to do that in the production, but it still rocks”.

I have recently been performing and recording a lot of percussion since New Years of 07. It has been an interesting journey being on the opposite side of the fence, purposely trying to not think like a drummer, but playing off of one. This has brought more texture to my recording. My percussion gear list is growing steadily.

I am always constantly searching for the latest in equipment and technology for my drums and recording equipment. I believe in having the right tools which allows me to represent myself with no barriers. The instrument and I become one; perfecting nuances to get that little extra performance.

Need A Virtual Drummer?

If you need tracks recorded for your national band, a home studio project, you can send me a pilot track of your song and receive back a disk with all the drum tracks in the file format of your choice. Upload them to your system; sync them, mix, and voilà…virtual drummer. You didn’t even have to buy a plane ticket. I am sometimes available for live performances too. Feel free to email me with questions. If you are local in Tucson, AZ and need a drummer and/or album recorded then please go to my Allusion Studios site.

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