The Educator


For years I’ve always wanted to teach the art and science of recording. After a clarifying trip to New Zealand and Fiji one summer, I realized that I really needed to put that notion to work somehow. As an experienced recording engineer and producer, I knew the best way to do so was to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my 30+ years of working in the recording industry. I began my passage of paying it forward by paneling for recording conventions like TapeOp and Potluck while working one-on-one with interested students.

In 2008 I started hosting recording clinics at my studio and various music stores around Tucson. This opened up a new realm of opportunities to share my knowledge, and allowed me to gain an understanding of common recording misconceptions that were popular among engineering enthusiasts. The feedback was positive and I found the process to be extremely rewarding.

The culmination of these experiences has since led to the development of The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series, my own educational DVD series.

I’m available for hire as a clinician or panelist on recording and engineering.  Please send me an email to learn more or make arrangements with me.

If you are interested in one-on-one instruction, check out my education page at Allusion Studios.

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