The Producer


I am always looking for new projects to produce from all genre’s. I think recordings get lost when there is too much emphasis on the chordal instrument the song was written on, and not enough attention toward the rhythm and bass parts that complement it. The quality of the drum sounds set up the stereo pallet for the rest of the song to be built on. The bass can totally change the feel of the song depending on its part. 25 different bass parts can complement a G chord. Which one brings the song to life is the question?  It is usually not the the one that mimics the main instrument. What I add to my productions is pretty much everything a singer/songwriter on guitar or piano is not thinking about.  Their focus is on vocals and their instrument. I focus on the underlying building blocks that create the final vision we are achieving. Then I add nuances on top, like background vocals, extra syncopated guitar layers, percussion, and other solo instruments.  All this, while achieving audiophile quality, is an amazing journey to be proud of for years to come.

You can check out some of my production samples at Allusion Studios.  Email me to see if I am available to work and collaborate with you on your project!