I’m happy to announce that my video educational series, The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series, is now available. I am incredibly proud of being able to share my knowledge of audio recording and engineering to audiences all over the world via download and streaming.

The Studio Edge: Studio Concepts, Gear and the Physics of Sound

If you’ve been struggling with getting a professional sound from your recordings, or even just putting together a studio and feeling overwhelmed with everything around you, you’re not alone. The Studio Edge educational video series teaches you everything you need to know to create professional recordings.

Course 1: Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound [Buy Now]

This first installment of the series is a detailed journey through the fundamental aspects of becoming a true audio engineer. I cover all of the important concepts and explain in easy to follow terms what you need to know to record great audio. Not only that, but with over 100 visuals you’ll see these complex concepts in action. If you’re an aspiring audio engineer who desires the knowledge and skill to record great audio, this video is for you. The information in this tutorial is crucial to your success in the studio, and will teach you from the ground up how to understand the concepts and principles essential to becoming a great audio engineer.

The Studio Edge: Planning and Constructing a Recording Studio

Course 2: Planning a Recording Studio [Buy Now]

Ask anyone who has tried to design a recording studio and they’ll tell you: it’s a very complicated process that requires a lot of planning. There are many moving parts involved. So, where do you begin? Well, first you’ve got to understand the various stages of the studio design process, and that’s exactly what this first course in my Studio Design and Construction series will teach you!

Course 3: Constructing and Fine Tuning your Studio [Buy Now]

Get out you hammer, nail gun and hardhat.  In this course I teach you how to take your initial studio design and transform it into the actual floors, walls and ceilings of your recording studio!

Course 4: Case Study – The Home Studio [Buy Now]

The next installment of the series, I take you through everything you need to know about planning, constructing and tuning a recording studio. This course is very thorough and covers topics like ergonomics and practicality.

The Studio Edge: How To Record Drums

Course 5: The Anatomy of a Drum Kit – For Engineers, Drummers and Studio Owners [Buy Now]

Course 6: Drum Preparation & Tools for the Studio [Buy Now]

Course 7: Microphone Placement, Tracking and Mixing for Drums [Buy Now]

This now released drum bible will explain all about woods, metals, heads and how they sound so you can create the best drum sound for your recording. Techniques like tuning and dampening will be thoroughly explained so you can tailor your sound before even placing a microphone. Once this is accomplished, all drum miking techniques will be revealed and showcased so you will be able to choose your preference. In the end we bring it all around by actually tracking a song and comparing all the different techniques used throughout the recording. This course is a must have for engineers, drummers and even studio owners who want to learn how to select a kit for their studio.